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Charging up the basement of the LA Convention Center this week is the Intimate electric car, a bright red slope with the tagline: "The Quiet Car." Show workers were still unwrapping the tiny vehicle when we happened by, but that didn't stop us from taking some pictures. That blue rectangle by the door handles is just tape, don't worry.

In any case, we discovered that the two-seat Intimate is a bare bones EV, a project of L/E Automobiles, LLC. It'll most likely be regulated as a neighborhood electric vehicle (notice the four wheels?) but the website doesn't come out and say it. What it does say is that the Intimate BEV "will be developed and built in Van Nuys, California," supposedly here in late 2008. Target range is 30-60 miles on a 6-8 hour charge and it'll push you along at 40 mph. Don't want to be going too fast when you're getting intimate, right?

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