Rocker Neil Young has managed to create his own electric car out of an old Lincoln convertible. That's awesome, and we congratulate Young on the amazing accomplishment. But as far as his ideas on how to fix Detroit, it seems that the singer's plan has a few loose screws. Mr. Young suggests that the Feds give Detroit the money it needs to survive on the condition that the three remaining automakers stop building cars with gas-powered engines... right now. This, as you would imagine, presents a problem, considering that cars aren't all that useful if they can't provide actual transportation. Young's got a solution to that problem too: each automaker must convert one plant to assemble "re-power kits" that would allow these cars to be retrofitted as "self charging electric vehicles."

That sounds nice, doesn't it? The only problem is that "self charging" EVs don't exist. Batteries need power from somewhere, generally an outlet that gets its juice from the electrical grid. Furthermore, Young's plan doesn't actually account for how the car's would be charged or where all the "transitional rollers'" batteries would come from. It's a nice thought, but one that is entirely impossible at the moment.

[Source: Huffington Post via Autofiends]

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