Despite Reuters reports of Hyundai's interest in Chrysler and specifically the Jeep brand, Hyundai has gone on record denying it. We've grown accustomed to automakers giving the arbitrary "no comment" response when the rumormill swirls with corporate takeover talk, but Hyundai has flat-out denied any interest at all. Almost in the same sentence, though, officials from the Korean automaker state that the company is interested in constructing new plants overseas, so we wonder if there's any fire behind the smokescreen, possibly outside the United States. Perhaps not.

There still remains the chance that Chrysler's automotive operations will be parted out and sold to the highest bidder, regardless of who that party may be. At the very least, Cerberus could decide to sell manufacturing plants to various automakers like Hyundai or the Nissan/Renault alliance, whose offer for 20% of the ailing American automaker may not seem so bad after all.

[Source: Trading Markets]

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