A lot is lost in the transition from a Hummer to a smart. We tend to focus on the benefits: the lost fuel bills and reduced vehicular emissions, and that's not going to change any time soon, we being AutoblogGreen and all. Some people, though, are finding that they miss their larger fuel-guzzlers more than they had initially expected. It's easy to hate a car when pulling up to the gas pump and dumping a hundred bucks or more into the tank every week, and it's also likely pretty easy to forget that act a few months after it's gone. It's also tough to get used to a small car after driving a huge SUV or pickup truck for years.

An article from The Wall Street Journal highlights the challenges that some drivers are facing when downsizing their vehicles. We're not too surprised that somebody isn't loving their Chevy Aveo. Losing out on cargo space downsizing from a Suburban to a Pacifica is also a given. For those who occasionally need the passenger or luggage space, though, may we suggest a rental minivan?

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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