We know that Audi is hard at work on a new city car that will be based on Volkswagen's NSF (new small family) chassis architecture that will underpin numerous vehicles, including one based on the familiar up! concept. There are three possible powertrain options that are currently being tossed around and tested by the German automaker, including a fully-electric option as well as two that are powered by petroleum. Both engines would displace around 600cc's and be turbocharged, one using gasoline and one burning diesel. Reports indicate that Audi is shooting for about 95 miles per gallon (probably European) and carbon emissions of less than 100 g/km. A three cylinder engine displacing 1.2-liters is also a possibility.
Besides the new city car, which would likely be called the A1, Audi bosses have confirmed that there is an intentional gap left open for an A2 revival. That small car is also likely to get an electric powertrain option and would be a step up the ladder price-wise, technology-wise and likely in performance.

[Source: Auto Express]

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