What you're looking at is a Porsche Panamera key. Arguably, it's better looking than the Panamera prototypes currently racking up more frequent flier miles than the Travelocity gnome. But we think it will take up all kinds of awkward space in your pocket and won't play nice with other keys. Perhaps Porsche should offer a man bag with every Panamera purchase.

However, we are in love with the Panamera interior. In. Love. Click here to check out new pics of it over at TeamSpeed. Yes, there are a lot of buttons, but that shouldn't surprise anyone who's been in a Porsche lately. And the buttons are caliente. We'd also prefer a gate instead of the shifter on a moonball, which reminds us of a Volvo, but so what? That's the kind of interior we've been waiting for in a Porsche since the 993. So Porsche, you can put us on the list for a Panamera, because we don't have to see the outside from the inside. We'll just need to get pants with bigger pockets. Thanks for the tip, DJ.

[Source: TeamSpeed]

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