PML Flightlink, makers of the 640-horsepower electric MINI from 2006, is headed to SEMA this year with a new concept vehicle to display. Based on a full-size Ford pickup truck, it would be hard to come up with a platform further from the MINI that the company originally used. Still, the concept F-150 will feature a similar setup to those used on PML's earlier concepts, including the Volvo ReCharge concept. The motors themselves are a permanent magnet pancake style and are integrated within the wheels. This design could potentially rid the truck of many drivetrain components such as, of course, the engine and transmission as well as the driveshafts and transfer case that would otherwise be necessary for a four-wheel drive truck. Instead of going the full electric route, though, the SEMA-bound F-150 will use a plug-in series hybrid powertrain, so the truck's on-board battery can be recharged by the stock gasoline engine. We'll see if we can't track down more details closer to the truck's debut.


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