If your goal is to do nothing more than cutting down your petroleum usage for either political or environmental reasons, a small car or hybrid seems to be the way to go. If your desire is solely to save money, there are many more costs to factor into your decision. One of them is insurance, as a recent study suggests that small cars and hybrids are considerably more expensive to insure on average than their larger and hungrier siblings. For instance, all other things being equal, a Honda CR-V is less expensive to insure than a Honda Civic by an average of $412 per year. Another? The Toyota Camry hybrid will cost you $650 more than its non-hybrid counterpart. Some reasons why the numbers are what they are include higher repair costs and the fact that compact cars are sometimes stolen more often than larger cars and SUVs. We should add that shopping around can prove valuable, as some insurers actually provide discounts for fuel-savers.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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