Future EV recharging networks? Plenty of them. Networks being built right now? Not that many. But thanks to our reader Antti, we found out that Finland's second largest city, Espoo, and the Fortum utility company are building an EV recharging network. Fortum also worked on the network in Stockholm, Sweden. Both Espoo and the utility company will use these stations next winter, with a plug-in Prius and an all-electric Fiat Doblò, as seen in Norway.
Finish citizens are ready to pay the extra buck to be environmentally friendly, as a report by Demos Helsinki recently showed. The city of Espoo sees great benefits to the move: they announced that switching all their 150 vehicles to EVs would curb emissions by 270 tons per year. They've started with three vehicles, and Fortum will use 10. There's also a video showing the stations and the two vehicles, albeit in Finnish. Thanks to Antti for the tip.

[Source: Fortum]

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