ABT wraps Audi R8 and Q7 in carbon fiber-look vinyl, Alero is next

Click above for a high-res gallery of ABT's line of wraps

Last month, Autoblog's long-term fleet (AKA our daily drivers) grew by one when we picked up a thoroughly reworked, late-model German sedan. It's a masterpiece of modern engineering, complete with the amenities our spouses have we've grown accustomed to (heated seats) and over $20,000 in modifications to the engine (new turbo, Inconel manifold), suspension (Ohlins) and brakes (Alcons, anyone?).

But there was a problem. It's coated in our least favorite color: Brilliant Red. Thankfully, ABT Sportsline has an option that doesn't involve a full re-spray.

The German tuning firm has partnered with the Kempten Company to create a "foil" for the A4, A7 and R8, which coats the Audis in a high-tech synthetic material that matches the weave of carbon fiber. Judging by the images ABT offered, the application of the "foil" is seamless, matching every crease and curve to the T.

While the idea of a faux-carbon fiber wrap for our rides reeks of poseur, we're seriously considering a matte black treatment for our new purchase. If anyone knows of a firm based in the Bay Area to do the work, drop us a line in the comments. And if you know of anyone in Ohio, maybe we can persuade John to get his Alero coated in olive and black camouflage.


Noble and extravagant – Foil for A4, Q7 and R8

When ABT Sportsline starts something, you know it's going to be worth seeing. That especially applies for the new vehicle full-foil, which the famous customiser from the Allgäu region now offers. After all, the high-tech synthetic material provides an additional individual touch and extremely exciting look. The complete vehicle bodywork is wrapped with extreme precision right through to the last corner or edge. The result is perfect right down to the finish of every single detail, and qualitatively there is no difference to a high-grade finish.

Wrapping with matt Carbon Film, which the Kempten Company offers for the models AS4, AS7 and the super sports car ABT R8, is especially exciting. Of course, the foil is also available for the standard Audi models A4, Q7 and R8. The matt Carbon Film is virtually indistinguishable from real carbon, i.e. the texture of the carbon-fibre synthetic material is exactly reproduced. "When the vehicle is fully wrapped in Carbon Film, it appears more aggressive and dynamic", said Hans-Jürgen Abt, Managing Director of ABT Sportsline. After all, carbon is the extremely stable material that causes weight reduction in professional motor sport. Of course, ABT's Carbon Film does not have this feature, but the extravagant wrapping is considerably less expensive.

ABT Sportsline has also developed a foil especially for the noble SUV AS7/Q7 that goes very well with the powerful vehicle: the customer can combine the foil in matt black with a colour like orange and green, thus emphasizing the side area and ensuring both an individual and elegant appearance for the AS7/Q7.

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