Okay, we know automotive merchandizing has grown into a big business these days, but surely this has gone too far. After Volvo trucks came out with their own fashion line (in case you missed that), Volvo cars has introduced... a purse. Perfect for all those soccer moms rolling around in Swedish station wagons, sure, but where does it end?

The handbag was designed by Ilse Crawford – we're supposed to know who that is – and is made of the same perforated white leather available in the S80, V70, XC70 (um, those are all different versions of the same car) and the XC90 sport-ute. Don't expect to see too many of these on the arms of mothers picking up their kids from the local school in the afternoon, though, as they've only made 100 examples, costing the equivalent of $685 apiece. Feel free to check out the images in the gallery below if, you know... that's your bag.

[Source: CarScoop]

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