Volvo Trucks roll down the catwalk (down the catwalk, yeah)

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Trucker chic isn't exactly the same in Europe as it is in America, where every tool with a practical-joke or retro-themed television show is punkin' out the mesh-backed trucker hats. Case in point: the new apparel collection launched by Volvo Trucks.

Although the fashion-forward collection might seem more aligned with Volvo's latest passenger cars than commercial vehicles, remember that, since 1999, the two divisions are separately owned (one independent, the other by Ford... for now) and both share the same name and logo. Commendably, Volvo Trucks didn't just slap its name on some t-shirts and backpacks and called it a day. The recently launched collection consists of more than 100 items, on which the company's designers collaborated with IKEA fashion designers for over a year. The line includes leather jackets sporting shoulder sections modeled on the company's trademark grille and watches shaped like the cabin's instruments. Clever, eh? We don't know who is driving the big-rigs on that side of the pond, but the Volvo Trucks collection has things for the whole family, including men, women and even children – like baby tees with UV protection to safeguard their fair Swedish skin. The items are available via the company's online shop at In the meantime, you can check out the press release after the jump and the images in the gallery below.

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Volvo launches clothes with truck design

From exclusive leather jackets to UV-safe baby clothing. To coincide with the launch of the company's new truck models, Volvo Trucks is presenting an in-house designed range of clothes, bags, watches and other practical and lifestyle products, all told more than 100 articles. The truck aura is firmly present in each and every detail.

"We wanted to do something that was entirely unique in the industry," says Magnus Koeck, brand manager at Volvo Trucks. "Instead of putting our logo on standard products, we and our truck designers have worked closely together with well-established fashion designers. We've worked for a year to create our very own product range from the ground up."

Faithful to the product in design terms
Form, pattern, colour and material have all been taken more or less directly from the trucks and applied to clothes, bags, footwear, watches, toys and a range of other products. For example, the radiator grille pattern is echoed on the shoulder sections of the jackets. The pockets are shaped like Volvo truck headlamps. Bag handles are made from the very same leather that is used to trim the steering wheel. And the watch casing looks exactly like the truck's instruments.

"We've been very thorough with every single detail," reveals Magnus Koeck. "The feel, the function, the quality – it all breathes Volvo and it's all patent-protected."

Two collections
The new range consists of two collections: The FH16 Collection and The Volvo Trucks Collection. The former is linked to Volvo's most powerful truck model, the Volvo FH16.

"Just like the truck itself, the clothing has to radiate power and pride," explains Åsa Rönström, project manager at Volvo Trucks and the person behind the development of the new collections.

"This collection has a masculine and powerful attitude and is inspired by motorcycle sport, which we know many of our customers like."
The other collection, The Volvo Trucks Collection, is broader and more family-oriented. Here the emphasis is on modern, stylish and functional garments for both recreation and work, according to Åsa Rönström.

Both collections feature clothes and accessories for women as well as men. There are also lots of articles for children, among them T-shirts with UV protection, bibs, comforters, games and toy vehicles.

Sold on the Web
The Volvo Trucks range of clothing and other products initially encompasses a hundred or so articles that can be bought via the company's Internet shop. Sales got under way yesterday together with the launch of the company's new trucks. Most of the product range will also be available at Volvo Trucks' dealers around the world.

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