McBling: Chrome SLR holds (food) court in Dubai

Click above for more of the chromed Mercedes SLR McLaren in Dubai

When the McLaren-Mercedes team rolled out their chrome F1 cars, everyone stood up and took notice. Pretty cool idea, even fans (and members) of other teams had to admit. No wonder then that with their own supercar out on the roads – one of only two teams with that claim – somebody has finally done the same with his own SLR. And of course, like the gold-trimmed Camry, that somebody lives in the United Arab Emirates, the sand-swept Kingdom of Bling on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

The shiny McLaren was spotted outside one of the world's largest shopping centers, the Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai, which looks to be the same place where the Pegaso edition Bugatti Veyron was spotted. The mall is currently the largest in the Middle East, at least until construction is completed on the two larger ones also being built in Dubai. We're sure it won't be long until someone parks chrome McLaren P11s, Mercedes SL63 Blacks or AMG Gullwings in front of those, too.


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