See what money can do: The Bugatti Pegaso Edition

We've been inundated with tips about this special Bugatti Veyron. We don't have a lot of info other than what the photographer says about the car and owner over at E46Fanatics.

Zeyad: hes a russian guy [ed. - actually, one member clarified he's Ukranian] who lives in burj al arab. he hangs out with/works with sheikhs as far as i know. his collection of cars are the following (correct me if im wrong - and im sure there are some i havent mentioned): red on white pegaso edition bugatti veyron (plate C 1), white mclaren mercedes slr special edition (plate F 12), yellow pagani zonda F (plate F 13), white maybach 62, black benz G55, red ferrari f430, white lambo murcielago, a 760, a hummer H2 and probly loads more...

and with regard to the thing about license plates...having a lower number does not necessarily make you "closer to sheikh mohammed" it's a bit more complicated than that. you can buy 2 digit plates...but not single digit plates. those all belong to sheikhs.
the owner of this veyron, however, is an exception...he apparently offered 55 million dirhams for the plates C 1 - 12 to all the emirates, and the only emirate which accepted the offer was fujairah. hence the plate fujairah, C 1. and he is not a sheikh...he is a wealthy russian man who lives in burj al arab (the 7 star hotel) and has - in my opinion - the best car collection on earth...

The fact that it's a Veyron makes it a special sighting. Because it's such a striking color combo, it really stands out. One member says the colors are Pearl White and Light Red Metallic. Add to that the "1" number plate, the Pegaso badges and custom stitching inside, and it's a truly unique version of an already unique car.

Thanks for the tips, everybody!

[Source: E46Fanatics]

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