Former Veep Al Gore is in the Netherlands this week to give his Inconvenient Truth presentation a couple of times. While he's in the low-lands he is apparently being shuttled around in the latest example of fuel efficient executive transport from the folks at Audi. Mr. Gore gets to ride in the back seat of a new Audi A6 TDIe. This particular A6 variant gets propulsion from the same 2.0L diesel four cylinder used in the new VW Jetta TDI. In the A6 TDIe it's rated at 136 hp and achieves 44.38 mpg (US) on the EU test cycle. For this particular event the A6 was also being fueled with GTL from Shell. GTL is produced from natural gas and helps reduce both soot and NOx emissions although it more expensive than regular diesel fuel. Thanks to Sander for the tip!


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