A while back we gave you a heads up about a clock-making company in India which was seeking to diversify and enter the electric car business. As if that wasn't ambitious enough they made the claim, and still do, that their car would challenge the Tata Nano and sell for less than one Lakh (about $2500 US). At the time, we were skeptical that the company could realistically produce anything other than a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) for that price but wondered how it might compare to that other, better known electric car, the Reva G Wiz. Well, we wonder no more. The wraps have recently come off the Ajanta Oreva and ...it's a Flybo? Ok, maybe it's not exactly a Flybo but it is some sort of the Smart Fourtwo knock-off and a quick search of the B2B Alibaba website tells us it, or at least its parts, most likely came from China and so only minimal assembly work is being done by the company at its factory in Kutch. Whatever the case, we doubt it will really impact the sales of the Nano (once they get they factory re-built) or even the G-Wiz., which is already available in India. Ajanta Group officials are apparently still tight-lipped about the car but, according to a news report by NDTV, a country-wide rollout is expected to begin in two months. Hit the jump for video from NDTV.

[Source: NDTV]

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