Indian clock maker to challenge Tata Nano with electric car

The Tata Nano made headlines as the world's least expensive new car and it's now facing a new challenger that's battery powered. The Ajanta Group is better known for making clocks but they also build electric scooters and bikes. The Gujarat-based Ajanta wants to get into the car business with an electric vehicle that's cheaper than the Nano. Ajanta group director Jaysukh Patel seems to think they can just transfer their electric bike technology to a car and produce 70 percent of the parts in-house, saving money. That seems a little unrealistic - even in India - unless what they are planning is closer to a neighborhood electric vehicle than a real car. For a price under $2,500 the car will almost certainly be relegated to lead acid batteries and very short range. It will be interesting to see how Ajanta's new EV compares to the Reva G-Wiz which is also built in India.

[Source: Times of India]

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