There aren't too many transportation-related green displays at the WIRED NextFest going on in Chicago this month, but it's hard to miss the ones that are present. While the back of the tent is taken over by Toyota's plug-in Prius and 1/x, right in the middle of the floor is the ridiculously stretched out Imagine PS Roadster from HumanCar. We've heard about this vehicle since 2006, and it's still in pretty basic form. The bright orange chassis and the rowing-powered powerplant (which will be combined with an electric motor in the final version) sat next to each other and you can see both in the photo gallery below. What struck me was just how low and long this vehicle is. I still can't quite imagine how you steer the car, especially at low speeds, as the "BodySteer™" technology isn't something I get quite yet. Perhaps I will if we can take the Imagine out for a spin sometime next year - it's due in Spring 2009.

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