Rendered Speculation: Chevy Camaro Z28

Click above high-res gallery of a Camaro Z28 renderings

There are already a ton of Ford Mustang variants on the market, and Dodge has seen fit to offer three separate Challenger models, the SE, R/T and SRT8. Could Chevy do the same with the new fifth-gen Camaro? It's possible, though there's been no official word from General Motors as of yet. A Z28 model to join the base and SS trims would seem like the next logical step if the line were to be enlarged.

A talented designer who goes by Jinx on Camaro forums has created some renderings of what a Camaro Z28 could look like. He envisions a supercharged 6.2L LSA engine underhood with 550 horsepower. That hood would need a power bulge to cover the supercharged mill, and the rendering features a clear opening like the latest ZR1, along with a carbon fiber splitter up front. An enlarged lower air intake would feed the intercooler and is also flanked by functional brake cooling ducts. Quad exhaust tips give those spent gases plenty of room to exit. If a Z28 were to come from the General, they could certainly do worse than to use this guy's design. Check out more of his renderings in the gallery below.


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