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For better or worse, the BMW X1 "concept" and MINI Crossover are destined for production. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer maintains that both models will do well in these economic and fuel-conscious times, but the X7 – originally slated for production in 2013 – has been killed due to the CUV's inability to "generate sufficient growth," according to Automotive News.

The MINI is expected to hit the market in 2010, while the X1 will arrive in the U.S. later that year or in early 2011. While Reithofer admits that the X6 is a niche vehicle, he contends that the X1 has the ability to be a more mainstream player in the market. To which we ask: how? While a biggie MINI may be a contradiction in terms and execution, the crossover at least has some nostalgia and style on its side. On the other hand, the X1 doesn't seem to bring much to the table and risks cannibalizing sales of its slightly large sibling (X3) and even a few 3-series wagon buyers – if it even sells in the first place.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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