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Not everything at the AltCar Expo was an alternative car. Some, like the Prometheus electric motorcycle and the TrioBike (above) were car alternatives. In fact, the TrioBike is really a next-generation SUV. I mean, that designation just means sports utility vehicle, right? It doesn't have to identify oversized gas-guzzling grocery getter. And what's more sports utility than pedaling your kids around?

In any case, the TrioBike is a three-wheeled cycle with a large scoop in front that seats two small children or a bunch of groceries. An extra wheel sits under the compartment and can connect to the rear end to form a normal-looking bicycle. The front end then becomes a fairly standard stroller that looks like it comes from the near future.

Regina Keith is the U.S. sales representative for TrioBike. She and her husband Robert were the first in America to order a Danish TrioBike, but there are now two in the U.S. (another is apparently in Chicago). When the Keiths found out just how difficult it was to order one, they decided it was a good business plan to try and make it easier for other Americans to buy a TrioBike and worked with the Danish company to set up distribution in the States. Interest at the Santa Monica show was high, and Robert even said that a representative from the Price is Right stopped by their booth and suggested making the TrioBike a prize on the show. If you don't want to wait for that possibility, Robert said that retail sales will begin in the near future and the price will be around $4,500 (the Keiths paid around $6,000 for theirs).

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