Audi traffic light detection system gets the green-light

Audi's stoplight detection system, called Travolution, has been given the go-ahead for expansion in the company's hometown of Ingostadt, Germany. Travolution establishes a connection between a red light and a vehicle, so that as a specially equipped car moves toward a red light at an intersection, stop light gantries fitted with communications modules can let the car know when the light will turn green. The car then lets the driver know what speed he should maintain in order to pass through the intersection without having to brake for the light and then accelerate again.

The system's promise is in streamlining traffic flow, increasing gas mileage, and reducing emissions. An additional twenty A5 and A6 Avant models are being added to the fleet of cars with the technology, and fifty more stop lights will be fitted with modules. If you're in Inglostadt and you want to save time and money on your commute, follow the Audis.

[Source: Audi]

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