During the last two years' Santa Monica Alt Car Expo, we talked with representatives of Universal Electric Vehicle about their Spyder EV. There were scant updates from the company outside of those events, and now we can see that there won't be much news in the future, either. The one vehicle that UEV produced, a non-street legal prototype all-electric sportster called the Electrum Spyder, was recently up on eBay (it ended with a bid of $25,600 that wasn't high enough to beat the reserve price). According to the item description, a "Business partners [sic] recent illness put a stop to moving ahead," but there could have been a lot of reasons for the attempted sale. UEV was never a major player in the industry, and we're certainly not surprised to see them fail - everyone knows this is a tough business - but it is a somewhat ignoble end for Diana and Greg Lane's EV business.

In any case, we'll be headed back to the Alt Car Expo next week, and we look forward to talking to people who haven't had their dreams crushed quite yet. Thanks to Ryan for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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