When the Electrum Spyder was unveiled at last year's Santa Monica Alt Car Expo, we enjoyed getting our first taste of this ambitious all-electric sports car. A year later, the Spyder has changed a little bit (as you can see in these pictures of the Electrum Spyder from the other night when compared to the original images) but the people in the company, Universal Electric Vehicle, have grown a lot. They're a few steps closer to getting these cars on the road. All they need is $2.5 million or so in funding for virtual crash tests and so on. You can hear all the details in the video with UEV president and CEO Diana Lane above. We'll be looking forward to images and more information on UEV's Combi 3 (if that's how you spell it) and other vehicle.

The story about the panel that Diana mentions at the beginning of the video is told here and she wanted me to make sure I explain that the bike computer that's installed in the Spyder as a spedometer was added so the car could act as a pace car at a bike race recently.

For more on UEV and the Spyder, check out our two videos from last year's expo (#1 and #2).

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