Paris Preview: Venturi and Michelin to unveil electric vehicle collaboration

This year's edition of the Paris Motor Show is shaping up to be quite a collection of ecological innovation, ranging from the presently practical to the futuristically fanciful. The just-announced vehicular offspring from a Michelin and Venturi collaboration is bound to fall into the later category. Venturi, the Principality of Monaco's largest builder of très vert prototypes (and hopefully next June, seller of the Fetish) and Michelin, maker of tires, have teamed up to create an electric car that features the "most advanced technologies" in all the automotive realm.

Although they haven't given us any sneak peeks yet, this latest showpiece features a design by Sacha Lakic and so should carry that distinctive Venturi "je ne sais quois." We expect it will be a quite racy as it is referred to as "high performance" and is meant to showcase Michelin's latest innovations. We are also told to expect unprecedented architecture which, with Venturi, could mean slightly bizarre. Whatever the case, we will all see it by 5:15 pm on the 2nd of October at a press conference hosted by the representatives from the two companies.

[Source: Venturi]

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