McCain's daughter's Prius causing problems in Michigan

Does it matter what kind of car a politician's daughter drives? Apparently, it does, at least to some people. In Michigan, home of the American auto industry, John McCain had to answer questions related to his daughter Meghan's (a blogger, must be a cool girl) Toyota Prius. One line of questioning was regarding whether or not John McCain paid for the car for his daughter, as McCain claims to have only ever purchased American-made cars, which the Prius is not. At another time, McCain was quoted as saying that he paid for the car.
Meghan McCain said in a posting on her blog, "Climate change is a very important issue to me; in fact, there are few issues other than the war in Iraq I find as relevant. I try to do my part by driving a Prius, recycling, using eco-friendly light bulbs, etc..." John McCain said in an interview in Detroit, "We also believe that climate change is real and we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." And all this time, we thought that only Obama supporters drove the Prius. Guess not.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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