BMW CEO confirms city car with electric option

From user omolody on Flickr.

We've heard consistent rumors since last year that BMW was considering entering the tiny car market with a new electric car. This entire time, BMW was to decide on the fate of the city EV by the end of the year, and it seems that they have. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has confirmed that the Bavarian automaker will indeed go smaller, though we are not so sure it will wear the blue and white badge. Rather, the new vehicle could wear the Isetta badge made popular on microcars from the past. "It'll be a car with a completely new look, with two engines available. One will be a very efficient combustion engine and the other will be a purely electric model," says Reithofer. Speculation is that the electric model will get over 200 miles per charge. We don't know what internal combustion engine is slated for the Isetta, but BMW has plenty of experience with small and efficient engines from its Motorrad division. We like the way this is going.

[Source: Autocar]

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