VIDEO: Brooke Shields pretending VW Routan is NOT a Dodge Caravan

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In what could very possibly be the worst auto-related commercial we have ever seen, Volkswagen has somehow convinced Brooke Shields (really Brooke, are things this bad?) to shill its new, at least to VW showrooms, Caravan Routan minivan. Apparently, what the people want is a badge-engineered Volkswagen version of the Pentastar minivan platform. In the extended commercial, Shields attempts to explain with a straight face that Americans are getting pregnant just so they can buy a Routan and enjoy its German engineering. Except that it's not German engineered, unless you count the fact that Daimler was still married to Chrysler when the van was developed. We certainly don't. Sure, the Routan's Chrysler-sourced suspension was probably tweaked by Volkswagen, and it's got softer styling up front to differentiate it from its Auburn Hills-based brothers, but those credentials are far from enough to call it "German engineered". It's likely that the Routan is a perfectly fine minivan, maybe even markedly better than the Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country, but does VW honestly think people won't realize it's true origins? To watch the absurdness unfold, click past the break.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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