Siemens toaster by Porsche Design

We know what you were thinking. "What my kitchen really needs is a Porsche toaster." Now tell us we're wrong. Siemens certainly doesn't think so, and so they've teamed up with Porsche Design to fulfill the need.

The TT911P2 2-Slice (it's even got the number 911 in there) is eye candy, but it's not just eye candy. It features an LED display that tells you how long it'll take to toast your bread, with eleven different settings for how dark you want your toast. It's got cool wall technology (not like the one on Top Gear, though there are plenty of Porsches on there too) so that the machine stays cool to the touch while your wonderbread gets the spa treatment by a state-of-the-art quartz heating element. Heck, it'll even remember what setting you used last time. All that adds up to serious performance of Porsche caliber. Your breakfast will never be the same.

[Source: John Lewis via Luxist]

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