Spy Shots: Stripped-out, lightweight Maserati Gran Turismo

First there was the Maserati Gran Turismo. Then came the Gran Turismo S. Then came spy shots of a Gran Turismo Spyder. And now we have spy shots of a low-down, one-seater, roll-cage and plexiglass-window equipped Gran Turismo Trophy edition sporting three huge holes in its hood. The Trophy version is said to have 413 hp, which is down from the 440 hp of the S -- but it would also be a lot lighter. Claimed to have a new ECU and exhaust, the car gets from zero to 62 mph in just four seconds. As best we can tell from the translation, this naked Gran Turismo Trophy edition is meant to compete with the Porsche GT3, or to compete in a U.S. racing series. While we find those possibilities a little odd, they must have built it to compete with something, and no matter what that something is, we say bring it... Follow the link for more spy shots of the race-ready Maser.
[Source: Autofun via Auto Blog Italy (no relation)]

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