GT-R tuning update: HKS GT570 package

Click above for a gallery of the HKS Nissan GT-R GT570.

Serious Nissan GT-R tuners aren't coming out of the woodwork – yet – but one of Japan's largest aftermarket firms has thrown its hat into the ring, and to good effect. HKS will begin offering its GT570 kit to consumers in Japan later this year (no word on U.S. distribution) and as it's name implies, output is getting close to the 600 hp mark. The package includes new wastegate actuators for the stock turbos and an electronic boost controller, along with aluminum intercooler piping, silicon hose couplers and straight pipes that replace the stock catalytic converters, reducing back pressure, but negating the GT-R's road-legal status.

All of those tweaks add up to a total of – you guessed it – 570 PS, or 562 hp and 540 lb.-ft. of torque at the wheels. Check the gallery below to see the dyno charts and a few shots of the wastegate and plumbing mods.

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[Source: SSH and HKS via 2009GTR]

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