Citron to debut new Hypnos hybrid 'ute in Paris

Click above to enlarge the Citroën Hypnos rendering

Citroën has a way of making oddball cars. Since the Traction Avant made its front wheel-drive debut back in the '30s, the French automaker has been bent on offering the weirdest designs on the planet. The 2CV and the classic DS carried on that well-established tradition quite nicely, and recent concepts like the hybrid C-Cactus have continued the trend. And so it is with the automaker's latest concept, the Hypnos hybrid utility vehicle. With their low-slung appearance and mild off-road pretensions, this style of vehicle has become popular as of late, with brands such as BMW and Infiniti jumping into the fray with it's-not-a-wagon production vehicles. On the inside, a rainbow of gem-like colors sashays through the center of the interior. It looks pretty trippy. Powering the concept will be a hybrid drivetrain with an internal combustion engine of 200-horsepower. We have no details quite yet as to what batteries or motors drive the other half of the powertrain, but we're sure to find out more details in Paris when the concept makes its debut.

[Source: Carscoop]

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