Here is another preview from the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show. Citroën will show off a cool little hybrid concept called the C-Cactus. Citroen thinks C-Cactus could compete with the Prius, going on sale very soon at about the same price. The C-Cactus is powered by a 70 Hp diesel and 30 Hp electric motor. The most interesting thing about the car however is probably the interior design.

The C-Cactus is very simple and stylized using very few parts in the construction. The door and seats are made from just two parts each for example. You won't need to open the window, so Citroen provides a slider in the door. You can put the car in an all-electric or ZEV(Zero Emission Vehicle) mode for city driving. The mat is recycled and many parts of made from cork, a very green material.

Over all the car is light, doesn't emit a lot of CO2 and uses fuel efficiently. Check out the gallery for a closer look at the touch screen MP3 player and flower+butter fly prints all over the car.... ah, I hope that's not standard. Anyway, the C-Cactus may be the green star at the Frankfurt Auto Show from the very green Citroën. We will have more details when the show actually starts September 13.

[Source: Carscoop]

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