Nano's future less clear thanks to plant siege

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With work halted at the factory that is to build the Tata Nano, the future of the world's cheapest car is uncertain. Well, we're still pretty certain that it will be built somewhere, but the details are much more hazy now that people in the West Bengal region have spoken out against the way Tata Motors got the land to expand their plant. Tata might pull out and move to a more-friendly region, but what does the whole kerfluffle mean for cheap motoring in India and the world?

Writing in Automotive News Europe (subs req'd), Jesse Snyder makes a clear statement: "No matter who "wins" in the protracted protest over land in India's impoverished West Bengal region, the innovative Tata Nano will lose." Snyder's article is a fair look at the situation and says that the main problem here, for Tata Motors, is lost time. Ultra-cheap cars are coming for the masses, and if Tata wants to be in the game (a game they helped create), then they need to find a solution fast. Of course, if you're of the mindset that ultra-cheap cars are not what the planet ordered, then perhaps one siege isn't enough for you...

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[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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