Ethanol takes a stage at Republican National Convention

Not to be outdone by those Coors ethanol vehicles at the DNC, Republicans will get their own ethanol-dose during their national convention this week. On Tuesday night in the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council will host a "celebration" called AgNite (because you know that farmers are the first to ditch old school and correct spellings of words like night). The self-styled non-partisan AgNite will celibrate "America's food and agricultural industry with key policymakers, convention delegates, media, and top industry leaders" and will feature an ethanol angle thanks to the sponsorship of the Renewable Fuels Association.
Ethanol promoters have a lot of work to do to get Republican delegates on the same page. The National Review's Corner says that the GOP's party platform recently voted against strong ethanol mandates, following strong discussion.

[Source: AgNite via Domestic Fuel, National Review]

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