Audi bucks trend, beefs up ad budget

Automakers have been fleeing main-stream media faster than most new reality shows get pulled from prime-time programming. There are many reasons for the move away from big dollar media, including decreased TV viewers and online ads soaking up some of the budget, but perhaps the biggest reason is that cash isn't spewing out of SUV tailpipes any more.
Audi is one company that isn't high-tailing it out of the high rent district. The German automaker won't be cutting its 2008 ad budget, and instead, will be pumping more money into big-ticket campaigns. You'll see Audi touting the A4 at events like the Academy Awards and Sunday Night Football, along with its recent spots during the Olympics and last year's Super Bowl. Audi's goal is to bust misconceptions that it is a near-luxury brand by selling its cars as bigger, faster, and more efficient than the competition.

Audi is in a huge hurry go expand to 1.5m global sales per year by 2015, and it has no intentions of letting something like a massive auto market downturn get in the way of its goals. To reach that goal, Audi will have to fare better in North America, and great products alone won't cut it if the word never gets out.

[Source: Ad Age]

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