Bentley buyers say "no" to diesels

Despite the fact that a diesel Bentley makes perfect sense, the German-owned British automaker won't be cribbing any oil-burners from the VW parts catalog. According to the company, its customers just aren't interested in the massive bottom-end torque that a big diesel engine would bring to the table. Despite the fact that the model would likely sell just fine in Europe, the vast majority of Bentleys are snatched up in America and Asia - areas where diesel engines are only popular in large trucks and small economy cars... not exactly the image that Bentley wants to acquire. We believe those customer just need to be educated, but what do we know?

Alternative powerplants are still under consideration for the Bentley brand. A while back, the company announced that its first flex-fuel vehicle would be ready for 2009 with all models capable of running on biofuels by 2012. This is still the company's aim, and new engines are reportedly in the offing and should be ready shortly.

[Source: Autocar / Photo by >WouteR<. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.]

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