Brunopasso: the espresso machine for auto enthusiasts

Cars need gasoline, and their drivers need coffee. While we wouldn't recommend combining the two into one beverage, why not infuse our coffee makers with more high-octane attitude? That's where the deviceSTYLE Brunopasso PD-1 espresso machine comes in. The styling, penned by Japanese designer Tadahito Ishibashi, draws its inspiration from classic sportscars. For instance, the indicators are laid out like the gauges on a car's dashboard, and it even has an authentic beechwood press lever like an old-school gear shifter. (Oh yeah, and we're sure it makes a delicious cup of joe.) The Brunopasso is available in red, brown or silver, but at $850, this kind of caffeinated style doesn't come cheap.

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[Source: Brunopasso via Luxist]

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