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We're not sure Espresso Veloce makes anything else, but we're also not sure it needs to. This is the V12 coffeemaker, a java-dispensing chunk of aluminum, magnesium and titanium with pistons for cups. There will be just 500 of these made, sprung from the forge of the Arte Meccanica Mastrogiuseppe, after company founder Paolo Mastrogiuseppe.


Company says it only works when car is parked

The humble cupholder has long been a basic accessory in a passenger car. Brewing something to fill it inside the vehicle? That's a more recent enhancement.

We're gonna let you in on a little secret from our world over here. Most of the time we spend at auto shows, we're pretty busy bringing you the latest from the show floor. But everyone deserves a coffee brake, and when we need our caffeine fixes there's no shortage of automakers eager to one-up each other with the best cup of java. Ferrari's espressos consistently rank among the best of 'em. Only fitting then that the company of the Prancing Horse should have its own espresso machine, right?

One of the inevitable aspects of press days during major auto shows is high octane coffee. Internet based automotive journalists tend to spend their show days running back and forth between press conferences and the media center to crank out stories and galleries. In order to achieve the kind of output we do requires fuel, which is often provided by double espressos produced at some of the major automakers show stands or the media lounge.

Aside from the next-gen Camaro, this is a concept some of us want to see in production as soon as possible.