Winkelmann: Lamborghini to go racing, no Superleggera planned

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To the outside observer, Lamborghini and Ferrari may appear to be peas in a pod, and while the two exotic automakers may arrive at similar points, they come from completely different directions. While Ferrari remains essentially a racing team that produces road cars to support their motorsport campaigns, sporadic privateer entries notwithstanding, Lamborghini has never had the same degree of racing pedigree. That may be about to change, however.

This year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance highlighted Lamborghini as a featured marque, and the guys over at Garage419 had a chance to talk with Stefan Winkelmann. The Lamborghini CEO revealed that the company is preparing a full-on factory racing program, and though details are still a few weeks away, Winkelmann said the factory racing effort would start in Europe. Winkelmann also dispelled rumors of a potential RWD-only variant of the new Gallardo LP560-4, as well as a Superleggera version, saying that Lamborghini had no such plans for the time being. Follow the jump to watch the video.

[Source: Garage419 via eGMCarTech]

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