Lamborghini finally wins one after 11 years of racing

One usually doesn’t think of a Lamborghini having to try very hard to embarrass even the most mechanically potent machines, but in the highly competitive world of Japanese Super GT racing a pair of Murcielagos has gone 11 seasons without a win. This year the raging bulls have officially dropped from the larger GT500 class to the more appropriate GT300 class and the relocation seems to have done wonders for the pair’s prospects.
The two Murcielago RG-1 racers are fielded by team JLOC (Japanese Lamborghini Owners’ Club) and were driven to victory recently by Marco Apicella/Yasutaka Hinio and Koji Yamanishi/Wada-Q at Suzuka. Actually, only the No. 1 car could be found cruising in victory lane, as the second entry was unfortunately forced to bow out on the final lap due to mechanical gremlins.

In addition to being the first ever win for a Lamborghini in the Japanese Super GT Series, this also marks the first time a Murcielago has won any motorsports event… ever.

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