Never Enough: Dinan to shoehorn 628-hp V10 into BMW M3

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Ever meet one of those parents who are never satisfied no matter how well their kids do? The child comes home with a 98% on a school exam and the parent asks "How'd you lose two percent?" Dinan is one of those parents. But instead of overstressed children, Dinan produces overachieving performance automobiles.

Take, for example, the latest M3, which BMW unveiled with a V8 derived from the award-winning 5-liter V10 found in the M5 and M6. The eight replaced the inline-six on the previous model, but instead of remaining content to say "good job on the extra two cylinders", Dinan asks what happened to the extra two from the V10. Not that they would have been happy with the V10, either. On that, Dinan pushed and pushed, boring and stroking out the engine's ten cylinders until they got it up to 5.7 liters and 628 horsepower. Pretty sick, but saddled with the heft of a BMW 5 or 6 Series, Dinan couldn't help but ask what would happen to its pride and joy in a more suitable setting. Word has it now that Dinan is preparing to shoehorn in its 628-hp concoction into the M3's engine bay. Thankfully they'll be lightening it up a little after that, removing some of the bulk from the front end in order to keep the weight balance in check. We can't wait to see what it can achieve.

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