Dinan strokes the M5/M6's V10 to 5.7-liters, 628 hp

The hefty price tag and somewhat limited availability of the BMW M5 and M6 ensures that only a select few get behind the wheel of a 500 HP masterpiece. That kind of power, coupled with the razor-sharp performance of a precision-tuned BMW suspension make for a driving experience rivaled by few automobiles on our planet. No matter how great these M-tuned Bimmers are, however, there are some who strive for more. That's why companies like Dinan are around to transform the sublime into the ridiculous.

If you have a passion for power and an additional $40,000 in your budget, Dinan can transform your "ordinary" M5/M6 into a race-ready athlete with the heart of the champion. For your 40-large, Dinan will take the 5.0L V10 that powers the "standard" M5/M6 and bore and stroke it to 5.7 liters. The end result is a legitimate road beast that cranks out 628 hp and 482 lb-ft. The additional hp under the bonnet of the Dinan M's still revs freely to 8100 RPM, and much of the torque is available as low as 3000 RPM. To keep Dinan's 5.7L flamethrower breathing freely, the engine tuner added high flow Intake/air mass meter assemblies, high flow throttle bodies, free flow mufflers and a racing exhaust. Sure the extra $40k can almost buy you a spare 335i, but if you want to make your M5/M6 even more exclusive, Dinan's solution is as good as any.

Thanks for the tip, slblack.

[Source: Dinan]

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