Enthusiast builds Jaguar "leaper" motorcycle

We like Jaguar's classic leaper emblem, we really do. But we also realize that the iconic cat needs to pounce on the right target, which doesn't include the hood of the new XF. How about on a motorcycle? Or, more appropriately, how about an entire motorcycle? One enterprising Jaguar fan has fabricated a two-wheeler that the Indian British marque won't be making itself, though the result is pretty impressive if awfully impractical. The engine is either from a Sporty or an air-cooled Buell, though the wheels are definitely from Erik's parts bin. There's a custom frame underneath suspending the engine from its top and the rear motor mounts, but the real eye-catcher is the bodywork. We can't be sure what the leaper is made from but our guess would be composites as it doesn't appear pounded from metal. If anyone has any extra details about this bike, feel free to share in the comments. In any case, this is likely the most fuel efficient form of transport on which the leaper's ever appeared. Click the source link to view another angle of the bike. Thanks for the tip, Katherine!

[Source: T3]

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