How to ruin a Jaguar XF in one easy step

Photo: Justin Berkowitz/TTAC

Jaguar's "leaper" has its place, and that place is not on the hood of the brand new XF sedan. Jaguar knows this; the hood ornament isn't offered as a factory option. In fact, one of the styling elements that made its debut on the XF is the new trunk-mounted neo-leaper badge, which incorporates the classic jumping cat without resorting to the now woefully out-of-place hood bauble.

While Jaguar knew not to eff things up, the same apparently cannot be said of Jaguar dealers, as evidenced by the photo above. TTAC's Justin Berkowitz came across this car on display in his local shopping mall and was understandably horrified to see that the dealer elected to class things up by sticking an old-school leaper right on the hood. It's a disaster, looking like a growth that needs to be removed and biopsied. So, remember kids: what the automakers don't screw up, dealers can... and given the opportunity, will.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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