Surprise: Segway loses to parked car in crash testing

Click above to watch a video of the crash-test

German authorities have crash-tested the Segway and found that it's unsafe. Well, unsafe when running head-first into a parked car at nearly ten miles per hour that is. Uh, were we supposed to be surprised at this result? We'd be willing to step out on a limb and imagine that running into a building, concrete barrier or telephone pole at this same speed on a Segway would also prove dangerous. Clearly, we need to do something, right? While we are at it, why not legislate unicycles off the road. If we're already doing that, bicycles should clearly be next, followed by any human who's moving at anything over a walking pace. Oh, and helmets for all pedestrians.

Alright, fine... that last paragraph was sarcasm. The fact is that transportation is dangerous. Every year, people are killed driving cars, in airplane crashes and on bicycles. At some point, anybody who gets in or on a vehicle of any sort is taking a risk, and the Segway is no exception. While we have some issues with the Segway (ahem, the price), its supposed lack of safety isn't really one of them. If anyone speaks German and wants to translate any of this, feel free in the comments. Thanks for the tip, overengineered!

[Source: Spiegel Online]

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