Red Bull thinks hybrid trucks more powerful than wings

The sleep-hating people over at Red Bull think that our trembling, waking moments should be fueled by hybrid power. No, I'm not talking about mixing the energy drink of choice with some alcohol, but of Red Bull's new mini-fleet of four diesel-electric hybrid delivery trucks from International DuraStar. The trucks should lower operating costs by 30-40 percent, Navistar says, while producing fewer emissions than the diesel-only counterparts. Navistar says the trucks have a 7-10 year life cycle and are perfectly suited for urban delivery tasks because of the regenerative brake system. Red Bull will deliver drinks using the hybrids in the Las Vegas area, and hopes to save about $4,000 in fuel costs per year per truck. I wonder if they'll ever come across those Dominoes EVs from Zap along the way.

[Source: Navistar]

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