Zap electric car cruises Las Vegas for Domino's pizza delivery

Get the door, it's a three-wheeled electric car.

This week, in Las Vegas (where else?), Domino's Pizza started testing pizza deliveries using Zap! Xebras. The Chicago-based Electric Vehicle Company supplied the Xebras to Domino's for use in the company's Worldwide Rally. The test is being explained as both an environment- and cost-saving move, and Jim Stansik, Domino's executive vice president of Franchise Development, said in a statement that, "Today it is not uncommon to have your Domino's pizza delivered by bicycle, scooter or car around the world. Looking toward tomorrow, Domino's is committed to also being a responsible consumer of our planet's natural resources by testing the feasibility of using electric vehicles in our stores." Zap! CEO Steve Shneider spoke about the Domino's partnership when he was on CNBC last week. And Autoblog likes it, too.

No word on how the tests went, but I hope people tipped the EV driver well. There are two more pictures of the Zapizza car after the jump.

[Source: Zap]

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