Spy Shots: Hyundai's Pacifica-like Portico crossover

The market for oversize and jacked-up minivans parading as crossovers hasn't exactly set the world on fire, as Chrysler's Pacifica and Mercedes-Benz R-Class have ably proven. Still, Hyundai is set to throw its hat into the ring with the upcoming Portico, which is based on the concept vehicle from 2005 with the same name. To its credit, the Portico does manage to have a few new features that its competition doesn't. Seating for up to six is standard, though there are only two rows. Each row is a long bench, with the center spot on each row also able to fold down, allowing the option of converting the Portico into the world's largest and least efficient four-seater. Expect to find one of Hyundai's V6 engines underhood with a hybrid option rumored to follow. As a minivan replacement, the Portico could find a few buyers, but the Korean automaker had better find a way to squeeze every mile out of each drop of gasoline, otherwise the Portico will take residence right next to the ill-timed Kia Borrego on dealers' lots across the country.
[Source: AutoWeek]

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