SEMA '08 Preview: RONN Scorpion hydrogen-injected supercar to debut in Vegas

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We've already alerted you to the existence of Ronn Motor Company's new supercar, the Scorpion. Aside from its exotic looks, the Scorpion makes headlines for its innovative engine: a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5L VTEC V6 from Acura that's augmented by a hydrogen fuel injection fuel system. Ronn developed a system that's somehow able to fracture water molecules from a small onboard water tank and then insert the resulting hydrogen into the air intake manifold where it's blended with the car's gasoline at a ratio of 30-40%. We suspect black magic is involved, but they claim science. Since adding hydrogen means less gas is used, Ronn claims the Scorpion can achieve 40 mpg. Plus, there's no need to fill up at a hydrogen refueling station since the car makes it own on board. These bold claims will see the light of day in early November when the Scorpion makes its first public appearance at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We'll be on hand to ask questions and hopefully smash some water molecules ourselves.

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